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Cold Rasha (Т6 farm)

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Cold Rasha (Т6 farm)

Post by Benifios on Tue Feb 10, 2015 10:35 am


Оригинал на wallpaper-a

The build is created for Т6 farm, probably you can even try Greater Rift with a slight gem modification.

This build has two options - with and without teleport.

Option 1

Option 2

The bonus combination of Tal Rasha and Elemental exposure gives us extra dmg: the bonus gives us extra meteors, and the passive allows us to do 20 % more elemental dmg.

By casting Meteor, Hydra, Magic Missile, Energy Armor, Familiar & Magic Weapon the set bonus procs and you activate the passive as well.

Serpents sparker needed for the 2 bonus hydras + Mirrorball sourcе + MIRINAE, TEARDROP OF THE STARWEAVER & WREATH OF LIGHTNING we get more than enough dmg buff.

The other option is with Rimehart and the hydra is replaced with teleport, because the weapon bonus is not activated from pets (hydras are pets)

The other items :

Recommended amulet is Tal Rasha so that we would be able to use Тhe Wiching Hour for more DMG.
You can use any kind of boots for this build. In my case I have chosen Vyr's, but imo Ice Climbars will be a good choice as well. (all depends on what you have got.)

Shoulders and bracers - Augild's is a good choice because of the bonus they offer.

Frostburn for obvious reasons, because of the bonus elemental dmg they give.

BotP - more DMG, the 15% against elites comes really good with the aughild's bonus and SOJ with max rolls gives 60%more dmg against elites.

Gem of Efficacious Toxin - you get DoT effect and 10% more meteorites (extra buff)

Wreath of Lightnig - When active you do lightning dmg, which procs the Tal Rasha bonusand activates the passive. (you get extra speed bonus)

MIRINAE, TEARDROP OF THE STARWEAVER - 50 mil crits not bad option if you do not have a one of the other gems maxed.

Paragon points :

You put all on dmg.
Only two things should be maxed - Area Damage for more meteor dmg
& CDR for obvious reasons Smile

The Magistrate & Winter Flurry can be experimented with this build - I haven't tried them yet Smile

Note: this build is not recommended for HC because there are no survivor passives Smile  You can try this, but you lose efficiency Smile




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