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2.1.2 zDPS Crus GR 50 +

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2.1.2 zDPS Crus GR 50 +

Post by Benifios on Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:33 pm

In order to see the full image, roght click and then click view

vote for me! Smile


We MUST HAVE Gogok, because of the CDR.

BotT - to help "activate" dh in party.

Depending on the party. Most important are BotT & Gogok.


The more the better, akarat champion must be cast permanently.

Must Have Items!

Swiftmount - more "horse time", quite useful for creep gathering! The more creep there is around you, the better Smile  and of course less resource will be necessary for your dmg dealer!

–•ephirian amulet - recommended for pure survival reasons. It is good idea to stand in front of your dmg dealer when facing lightning elite.

Nemesis bracer - A must, in that way you will be able to keep up with the time and advance further, by killing the extra elite in GR.

Important : You should wait for the WD and then take the pylon in order to avoid awkward situations.

Why we need Laws Of Hope?
Extremely useful for your dmg dealers! In combination with their bracers, Laws of hope becomes quite useful and absolutely necessary.

Tips and tricks
A few advices, which I learned the hard way or from more experienced players:

1. Use Condemn
in rare occasions just be careful when you use it, because sometimes when the WD has the creep locked you can pull them out of fear in that way.

2. Do your best to keep the creep together, dmg dealers will spend much more resource on single targets than on a horde of creeps.
First use Shield Glare, you move the elite and right after that-Shield Glare again.

3. Reveal the map, but do not go too far away from the party members. You are needed for resource generation.

4. Only YOU should revive the dmg dealers! In battle with elites, the most important thing is that the wd should not let the elites unlocked or the whole grift might be failed.

5. When the rift guardian is summoned and there is a pylon, do not take it! If you take the pylon the sentries of the DH will fire on the elites too and will not concentrate their firepower on the guardian only, in that way you will lose your advantage.



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Re: 2.1.2 zDPS Crus GR 50 +

Post by Goro on Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:04 am

Ok this should be tried Smile


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